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MATHU1789's picture

A few months back, I was having bad transmission problems in my pickup. I decided to just purchase a new tranny, and replace it. After it was replaced, I noticed what I thought was a slipping transmission. I brought it to the dealership that I...

MATHU1789's picture

Just started having issues with my 07 Silverado pickup. It is a Z71, 5.3l w/ 4L60e auto trans. At a rolling stop, it will not shift down into 1st sometimes. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it doesn't sound good. I pull a...

ericbl2005's picture

when i hit the brakes the fuse blows for speedo

Brayon's picture

I changed rims 18" to 15". Next day i hear my front rims rubing my frame when i make wide turns. Smoke comes from under the hood when the rims rub frame. Next day i drive it stalls like it doesn't want to go. When i try to accelerate it jurks...

Jo Smith's picture

1999 Four-Wheel Drive Z77--won't start, changed battery, next day,same thing, changed battery, same thing, evidently not battery, checked alternator, it's working, what's next?

longbed's picture

1993 V6 auto all original seems to be running rich, tends to run rough and get a gas small when it is at idle for any length of time.

Branch1989's picture

Here recently my fuel milage has dropped dramatically it's throwing codes p0430 p0446 and p0116 any ideas on what it could be motor runs fine and don't miss at all

davidgaultney's picture

i have a 1993 chevy z71 5.2 liter 4x4 i stopped at red light and it just shut down put in park cranked right up fine and idled fine put in gear shut off again . It feels like it jerks to go but dont move at all and shuts off.Had the transmission...

hfordjr's picture

My 2005 chevy silverado will not start on foggy days or rainy days. I've replaced the distributor cap and rotor along with the coil but it still starts hard. Any ideas on what the problem is?'s picture

94 silverado will not run when put in gear it idles great. but when put in gear it will shut off. it will not start unless i spray starting fluid i the carb

davehosto's picture

transmission wont shift out of firsr gear

jensenowner's picture

2006 Silverado My dash cluster is intermitent When it does work it shows a battery warning. Have had the battery replaced an am told alt is good. Have checked fuses

jarod's picture

i have a 2008 silverado with a 5.3 liter and two days ago my stabilitrak and traction control lights came on my message center and the truck losta littlepower then started knocking horribly. i believe after some research i have a collapsed lifter...

RDAVIS's picture

1997 chevrolet z-71, my heater blopws cold air, i have replaced thermostat, both heater lines going to heater core are hot, i can put my hane where heater core is and it is hot i replaced the actuater by the gas peddel, and when a-c is on the air...

Crazyeyemike's picture

In the last week my speedometer on my 2003 Chevy silverado started not to work properly it stays at 10 miles an hour or doesnt move at all while driving ! what can i do to fix this ?

labrushc's picture

I have a 1999 Silverado 5.3L 4X4 (147.00 miles). I took it to my GM dealer to have the trans pan dropped and the filter replaced and then topped off with trans fluid.He's done this twice before at 50k, and 100K miles. He tried to tell me that GM...

joe11's picture

How to reset air bag light silverado 2001

BIGDADDY22's picture

I have a 2005 Chevy Silvarado truck and the gas needle stop working. Can I change the Instrument Panel Cluster myself or should I let the dealship replace it for over $600.00?

skylr28's picture

Im installing halo projector headlights and I need help. Im not sure where the two positive and negative wires coming out of the back connect too.

Kerry Leverett's picture

Want to do an oil change. Having trouble locating the drain plug. Is there a skid plate covering it?